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Britain’s Famous Fish & Chips

Britain’s Famous Fish & Chips

Discover The Colourful Portobello Road

The picture was taken in front of an antique shop in Portobello Road, Nottinghill, London. Portobello Road is known to be the world’s largest antiques market with over 1000 dealers selling every kind of antique and collectible. 

I do love this road for its unique ambiance of antique at the heart of urban life London has. From flowers to jewels, from fruits to shoes, everything just simply sells here with its specialty emphasis on it’s antique goods.

And which from that man, I bought some lovely things for my mom home. Lovely things for the loved one which you could find easily at the Portobello Road ;)

The Very Now Hobby

Besides working (aka volunteering) for the Indonesia Youth Forum 2014 for the upcoming May in Wakatobi. Lately, I’ve been plunging myself into a brand new exciting hobby of mine; designing!
After years back then I was working on the school magazine, I frankly quite familiar with designing process, researching good design materials and contents. Years later, I found myself quite concern on many ISYF’s design publication materials (i.e; flyers, posters and even website).

Furthermore, as a university student I required to do some presentations on the class. When I heard the word ‘presentation’ what came on my mind were the matter of good design, beautiful fonts and for sure; presentable contents. What I meant by presentable contents is the golden core of the content presented instead of stacking words into one slide.

From that point, I started to live my expectation of a ‘beautiful presentation’ by learning simple design ideas by managing number of colours palette, icon that representing my golden core point, up until collaboration of beautiful fonts that goes together in one page.

My favourite beautiful fonts for presentation purpose; Ostrich, Pacifico & Oswald.

Afterwards, I started to living my sketching hobby again by making couple of zentangle. But I found it quite boring for me, but my friend do zentangle really cool.

Somehow I got to know Adobe Lightroom that led me to get to know another Adobe system stuff; Photoshop and (my favourite) Illustrator! Thanks to my mom that happened to be the very first trigger, since she needed a logo design for our newest business brand. When she asked me to get her one, I was like “how could I do that!?”

From that day on, I fill up myself with loads of tutorials and with some questions asked to my friend. Well, Lightroom is definitely not for designing logo so I tried Photoshop out and played around with the typography stuff.

My very first experiment combining Lightroom + Photoshop, with the pro model; GoPro 3+ wohoo~

That little experiment finally brought me to Illustrator (setelah serangkaian aksi memelas pada seorang teman) right when I was looking for Photoshop tutorial but found loads of Illustrator instead. And, I decided to try out this tutorial.

Four hours straight twinning this by exploring the basic tools on Adobe Illustrator

And, voila! That’s my first work done with Illustrator. By learning through that tutorial I found the Illustrator is really really handy with even its basic shapes plus the tutorial is really clear with step-by-step explanation and dialog box shown on most step. If you have same passion for designing, I highly recommend you to try out that tutorial.

In a nutshell, I fell in love with Illustrator already, so much. And got addicted exploring every tools on it.

Give yourself a shot of experiment to play along with the Illustrator and you’ll know how obsessed I am with it.

After those long lines of words telling how I attached myself into designing stuff, what I learned so much about designing is; how it actually could deliver the value on what we want to deliver through the illustration.

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works" - Steve Jobs.

P.s: my mom’s request progress.

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Dee - Curhat Buat Sahabat

Sahabatku, usai tawa ini izinkan aku bercerita

Telah jauh ku mendaki sesak udara di atas puncak khayalan

Jangan sampai kau disana

Telah jauh ku terjatuh, pedihnya luka di dasar jurang kecewa

Dan kini sampalah aku disini

Yang cuma ingin diam duduk di tempatku

Menanti seorang yang biasa saja

Segelas air di tangannya kala ku terbaring sakit

Yang sudi dekat, mendekap tanganku

Mencari teduhnya dalam mataku

Dan berbisik, “Pandang aku kau tak sendiri, Dewiku”

Dan demi Tuhan, hanya itulah yang, itu saja yang kuinginkan

Telah lama ku menanti satu malam sunyi untuk ku akhiri

Dan usai tangis ini aku kan berjanji

Untuk diam duduk di tempatku

Menanti seorang yang biasa saja

Segelas air di tangannya kala ku terbaring sakit

Menentang malam, tanpa bimbang lagi

Demi satu Dewi yang lelah bermimpi

Dan berbisik, “Selamat tidur, tak perlu bermimpi bersamaku”

Wahai Tuhan, jangan bilang lagi itu terlalu tinggi

Tuhan memang satu, kita yang tak sama.
Dulu sih cuma sebatas lirik lagu yang dengan cantiknya dinyanyiin Marcel, siapa yang tahu ternyata lirik ini bentuk humor Tuhan sama hambanya yang satu ini. 

The most populous, urban and metropolitan in the United Kingdom, London happens to be a colourful canvas with its multicultural people, modernity yet the gorgeous Victorian buildings spread all over the corner. 

Used to be known as Londinium  by the Romans, is a home to those who seeks knowledge in a pleasant way, through its museums. This capital city of England and UK has enchanted my thirst of  a sophisticated ambiance a city could present but in a classic appearance on the surface. Though it might be way too packed on the Central, but it serves a calmer atmosphere at the suburbs. 

In a nutshell, London is a place for everyone.

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Anda  - Tentang Seseorang

Lagu awal 2000-an yang gak bosenin biar diputer seharian dan bikin perasaan berasa diaduk-aduk berasa pengen jatuh cinta. Uhuk. 

Being Stupid (Altogether)

  • C: Did I ever tell you a stupid thing?
  • Y: Not sure.
  • C: Hmm.."Don't be clumsy" I guess. Someone clumsy telling somebody to not being clumsy.
  • Y: Hmm.. that's an acceptable stupidity. So, it's okay.
  • *kemudian hening*

Racoon - Love You More

Cause I’ve been away too long, and everyday I love you more~

Park Seekers United!

Park Seekers United!